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Hindu Marriage Registration

Marriage Certificate Online

Hindu Marriage Registration

Hindu Marriage Registration

Nikah Marriage Registration

Nikah Marriage Registration

Special Marriage Act Registration

Special Marriage Act Registration

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Marriage Certificate Online


Apply Online for Marriage Certificate with any Municipal Corporation of Delhi\Maharashtra. 

Get your marriage registered and marriage certificate as proof of your marriage. 


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What is Marriage Certificate?


A Marriage Certificate is a certificate that proves relation between husband and wife. Marriage certificate is issued by district marriage registrar, as per religious marriage and special marriage acts.


 Marriage Registration Act?


Currently, there are two marriage registration acts under which marriage certificate is issued :


The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 :


When marriage is already solemnized where Husband and Wife are Hindus, Buddhists, Jain or Sikhs or when they are converted into any of these religions, they will be considered under these registation Act.


The Special Marriage Act, 1954 :


Whereas, this act lay down the procedure for both solemnization and registration of marriage certificate where either of the party or both are not Hindus, Buddhists, Jain or Sikhs.

This certificate can be presented at many places such as passport office, court, Bank, insurance offices, etc. to prove bride and bridegroom were married on particular date.